Free Health Checks


Experience has taught us that modern computers can have multiple faults simultaneously, to ensure we offer our customers the very best advice and the most professional service we perform a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tests before offering a no obligation quote for repair.

Our Free Health Check comprises of the following:
  • A Full suite of Hardware tests performed with industry leading diagnostic software to determine whether the laptop or desktop is in good working order and suitable for repair.
  • A Visual inspection of your laptop or desktop to ensure all physical parts are in working order and free from damage 
  • a comprehensive software checkup to assess any problems with your operating system install, drivers, updates and third party software
  • A security checkup including a preliminary scan for viruses and malware that may be affecting your computer.

At the end of the health check we will contact you to discuss our findings and available options, if you choose not to continue with any of our services you will not be charged.

Under certain circumstances it is not possible for us to perform a health check, for example badly damaged laptops and computers sometimes need time in the workshop to be partially repaired before we can determine the full cost of repair, in those circumstances we may have to ask you to agree to a small charge to cover investigating the problems. If this applies to you we will always inform you before carrying out an investigation, we never make any charges without checking with you first.

Our free computer diagnostics are the ideal way to decide whether your laptop repair or computer repair is a viable option before you outlay money for parts such as a laptop screen replacement.

Come and visit us at our Alfreton workshop and we will be delighted to help